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TRAININGBOX - FTTX network simulator

Training box is a perfect tool to train installers how to use GPON network measurement devices. This tool will learning how to interpret the results of measuring instruments. Training box can also simulate typical optical fiber damage (failure splice, damaged splitter or connector, connection of different types of fibers, etc…) The installer can easily learn to detect these damages.

The Training Box configuration can be individually tailored to the customer’s needs.

  • Possibility of any connection configuration (splitters and fibers)
  • GPON network simulation in the office, or training room without the need to go out
  • Combination of different fiber standards
  • Identification of elements and events in the optical track directly from the measurement
  • Ability to perform OTDR analysis and measurement
  • Ability to connect additional components in the track
  • Measuring points with adapters at the terminals – easy and quick measurement
  • Ideal for training
  • Including the latch
  • Easy to carry - case with a handle, possibility to attach wheels


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