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Cellco offers optical fiber solutions for industrial and military applications.

Specialized cables are designed to work in difficult field conditions, regardless of whether they are intended for permanent or temporary installations.

Fiber optic cables solution>

A wide range of fiber optic connectors from plug connectors to bulk-head connectors allows you to build a complete system of reliable communication that meets critical military requirements (compliance with MIL-DTL standards).

Sensing cables>

For industrial solutions Cellco offers sensing cables - specialized solutions of fiber optic cables allowing for continuous measurements along the entire length of the line. Using cable properties, you can monitor properties such as temperature change, sound, vibration and stress. The measurements are carried out in real time, which allows for immediate analysis of changes and prevention of potential problems.

Sensing cables are used in such areas as: fire protection, construction (monitoring of construction and vibrations), mining, geothermal energy.


We provide services of fiber-optic military cables. In the case of cable damage, our team of engineers performs a fault diagnosis and then repairs or exchanges damaged elements, bringing the product to a state that guarantees full functionality.




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